Saturday, June 27, 2009

Popping my (blogging) Cherry

Yup. I did it. Why? Well........

I have too much bottled up in my head these days to stay sane, or out of jail. Maybe. Depends on what the hex does to piss me off. So I guess I need to do some sort of a back story.

I'm a divorced mom of 2 two-legged children, 2 of the canine persuasion and 3 of the feline variety. I refer to my former spouse as my hex. Hellish ex. It's shorter than that asshole I married, stuck with during all HIS "difficulties" and then started cheating on me while I was starting my health spiral. After 12 years of doctors and tests and doctors and tests I finally got diagnosed with Fibromyalgia. Among other things, but that's another post. Let's just say my Fantastic Family Physician had to split my medical records into 2 files recently. OMG! Oh yeah, I have a thing for alliteration. LOL

I live near Dubuque, Iowa. America's heartland. I love this area. I've lived elsewhere, but I always end up back here.

My kids are my reason for getting out of bed. N is 18, male. J is 10, female. More on them later, I promise.

I have waaaaaay too many things running thru my head right now! I want to write everything right now! I wonder if every blogger feels like this on their first post?

I really need to figure out the picture thing!

Thoughts for future posts: myspace, Marestare, Deadliest Catch, moving, hummingbirds, depression, child support.....

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